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Astonishingly fast colour printer! Actually, as fast as:
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Memjet is a global leader in developing technology for color printing. The company provides its solutions and components OEM manufacturer in the printing industry. Company headquarter is located in San Diego, USA, branches are located in Dublin, Sydney, Taipei, Singapore and Boise, Idaho. At present time company have more than 3000 registered technology patents. More than 2000 patents in the approval process. It represents four times more than other technology leaders on market.

Memjet technology

Memjet technology – wide 222.8mm printhead

The unique characteristics of the printhead Memjet - printhead width is 222.8mm, it includes 70,000 print nozzles, which is 17 times more than other inkjet printheads. During the print process, the printhead is static, moving part is only paper sheet. This makes the printer very durable.

The "waterfall" printing technology - each nozzle produces 11,000 microdrops every second, every printhead produces 704 million microdrops every second. This feature makes possible to print up to 60 pages per minute.

MEMS thermal printing technology allows print with the drops size only 1 piktoliter, what represents the smallest drop in inkjet printing process comparing to other printers. The result of smallest ink drop volume and high density print nozzles can is excellent print quality.

To protect the print nozzles before drying is printer equipped with three level printhead cleaning procedures.


Memjet processor controls the activity of printers with more than 100 million transistors and can print up to 60 A4 pages per minute. In addition during the printing processor manages communication between components within the printer and printhead and other parts of the printer ink supply system.

Quality control

Quality control through chipset with encryption protection were created to improve the protection of consumers against the use of incompatible consumables. This makes it possible to print using only certified ink cartridge, guaranteeing trouble-free printing and printer durability.

Reviews of revolutionary printer Lomond Evojet Office

PCtipp August 2012: Lomond EvoJet Office printer review by Swiss edition of PC TIPP magazine (German)

Lomond EvoJet Office review - Verdict: Not just the fastest printer we`ve tested, the EvoJet Office produces quality prints for peanuts. It`s the future of inkjet printing

Lomond EvoJet Office review - Verdict: The EvoJet Office is best suited to undemanding workloads, and its paper-handling features are basic, but in other regards it`s in a different league to competing inkjets and colour lasers

Lomond EvoJet Office review - Verdict: Even at truly amazing speeds, this inkjet produces great results with low running costs

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